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"I’ve always loved to cook for my friends and family, and I’ve always dreamed of having my own food related business. I grew up on a family farm outside of Portland, Oregon where my father was a hard working beef & dairy farmer, we participated in 4-H and my family 'lived off the land'. We had an enormous vegetable garden and many fruit trees, so our summers were kept busy harvesting and preserving fruits & vegetables. Meanwhile, my Dad managed the ‘hay hands’ who assisted him with the alfalfa harvest. The hay hands often raved about the great meals they were served in our home, which were always followed by dessert. Christmas in our home was more about the holiday cookies and other treats we made only during the holiday season than the presents under the tree. My mother was an amazing cook, and I am so grateful for the time she spent teaching me her secrets. As a result, I became very confident in the kitchen.

I didn’t grow up making toffee. In fact, I began making toffee for Christmas gifts and other presents under 10 years ago. After I started giving the gift of toffee to my friends, they raved about it!  One evening while at the home of a close friend, she exclaimed “You should taste Patty’s toffee. It’s like crack cocaine in our house!” One of the gentlemen present asked if he could order boxes of toffee to give as Christmas gifts for his clients, and a business was born!

I hope you enjoy your Dottie's Sweet Delights products! If you'd like let us know what you think, or if you want to learn more about us, please click here to send us an email about your experience."

Patty - Master Confectioner

Patty Brown and her 805 Treats