Lavender Infused Salted Honey Caramels


This item is made with pure organic cane sugar

Lavender Infused Salted Honey Caramels are made with the same delicious recipe as the Salted Honey Caramels; we simply infuse the dairy products with lavender prior to cooking the caramel. The caramels are lightly aromatic with a slight floral flavor, not overpowering, just plain fantastic!

Buttery, smooth and creamy, these individually wrapped caramels are the perfect treat! Made with organic sugar, hormone-free milk & heavy cream, hormone-free sweet cream butter, local pure honey, home-brewed vanilla (vodka & Madagascar vanilla bean), infused with fresh Lavender, Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Allergens: Contains milk.

Lavender Infused Salted Honey caramels will be wrapped in purple foil unless otherwise requested. If you would like to request a custom foil color, please put it in your order notes. Color wrapper options include: red, orange, gold, green, sage, dark blue, light blue, purple, wildberry, pink, silver, white, or black (pictured left to right below).

These salted honey caramels will be shipped with a cold pack and should be stored in the refrigerator.

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