Marshmallow Bites


Vanilla Marshmallows:

Pillowy, fluffy & soft, these are not your rubbery grocery store marshmallows!

Chocolate Marshmallows:

Perfect for gift giving, our chocolate marshmallows are soft, fluffy and very chocolatey!

Raspberry Rose Marshmallows:

These fluffy marshmallows will melt in your mouth and leave you begging for more!

Sea Salt Caramel Swirl:

Luscious house-made caramel swirled into vanilla marshmallows to create layers of yummy pillowy caramel marshmallow!

Peppermint Marshmallows:

Soft & pillowy with just the right amount of festive peppermint flavor!


All marshmallows contain: Organic sugar, Organic tapioca syrup, Gelatin, Corn starch, Vanilla extract, Sea salt

Chocolate Marshmallows: Cacao powder, Instant coffee

Raspberry Rose: Dehydrated raspberries, Rose water, Raspberry extract

Sea Salt Caramel Swirl: Heavy cream

Peppermint Marshmallows: Peppermint extract

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