Patty, I have to thank Dottie’s Sweet Delights for taking care of all my business gift needs this holiday season. Nearly every client Dottie’s sent a gift package to called to thank me personally for such delicious treats – and I have never gotten that kind of response from any other gift! (Not only that, but I am still savoring my own bag of Sea Salted Honey Caramels, there is simply no comparison, and I don’t even bother to waste my calories on any other candy but these.) Thank you for making my holiday business gifts so exceptional and so effortless this year!

Kellie M.

Being a friend of Patty Brown has always had it’s advantages. She is a wonderful person and a great cook and entertainer. I love to go attend her parties and events. She has offered her toffee and caramels at her events for a while, now. Fabulous! Delicious! Over the moon! I actually heard someone say that they were better than sex! I really heard them say that. While they ARE the best tasting toffee and caramels I have ever tasted, they are not better than sex.

Dr. Bunny Vreeland

The first time I tasted Patty's toffee I was immediately taken back to the holidays during my early childhood. Patty has created is an incredible blend of home style treats that your mom made with all of her love and utmost care. The kicker with Patty's toffee is that it's even better tasting and made with whole, natural and organic ingredients. It doesn't get any better!

Stephen M.

A friend brought another toffee company’s toffee to a function I attended  recently and it was NOTHING compared to Patty’s Exquisite Toffee! My husband and I put some of Patty’s toffee in a package and placed it on the pillow for my brother and his wife when they recently visited from Hawaii and they couldn't get enough. They said it was amazing, and it is! You make fabulous toffee!

Dianne R.

As a connoisseur of Caramel & Toffees, Patty's are the best.. I order them for my family at Holiday time & give them out at all the events held at my home. 'YUM' is my final word.

Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia

I grew up enjoying my mother's homemade English Toffee.  Patty's Exquisite Toffee reminds me of my childhood, but it is far superior to the toffee my mother made.  The quality ingredients and outstanding flavor make it addictive. Try it. You won't be sorry you did!

Shirley VH

Patty’s toffee is off the charts, delicious! Warning: This product may cause excessive consumption and great satisfaction! Once you start, you can’t stop. And just when I thought there couldn’t be anything better than this toffee…I tried the caramel. BOOM! Drop the mic! Each of Patty’s products is like a symphony of sweetness. You have to try these.

Wendy M

For years, our family has enjoyed Patty’s Exquisite Toffee during the holidays.  We have given it as gifts, as well as savored it ourselves.  Patty has finally begun offering this fabulous toffee to the public year round.   Recently, we included a “small batch” in the “goodie bags” for our son’s destination wedding.  He wanted all local products and specifically asked for Patty’s toffee.  What a sensational treat it was! We are looking forward to purchasing Patty’s other products.

Suzanne S.